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We Keep the Lights On

With experienced technicians providing quality services and products, you’ll never have to live in the dark again.

Comprehensive Residential and Commercial Electrical Services


For your new construction projects or home remodeling, you need reliable electrical systems installed by experts to power everything that matters to you.

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Your home or office requires strong wiring connections, keeping your lights on without stressing your current system.

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Whether your circuit is broken or your generator is on the fritz, we have the responsive team for the job.

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Improve your electrical system’s lifespan with regular maintenance from our resident experts. Keep your generators and wires working efficiently all year long.

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Building Automation

Upgrade your workplace with automated processes powered by efficient electrical work.

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Emergency Standby Power

Keep your building secure and prepare for almost anything by implementing emergency power operations.

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A More Personable, Responsive Experience

It’s simple: you need quality electrical services from certified professionals who prioritize customer service.

But as you know, this standard is hard to find these days.

That’s why at Advanced Electric Solutions, we believe in creating a more personal electric maintenance experience. By offering comprehensive electrical services like installation, wiring and repairs, you’ll have your turnkey power solution.

Our friendly and dedicated staff are responsive to your needs, taking the time to understand your issue and how we can help. You’ll work with problem-solvers with a keen attention to detail.

At the end of the day, we want to help you keep the lights on.

Electrifying Career Opportunities

For any electricians looking for a boost to their career, Advanced Electric Solutions has you covered. Through experience-based competitive salaries, collaborative projects, and an inviting culture, you’ll find a job where you can actually grow.


Power What Matters Most

Your home or business doesn’t power itself.

Call Advanced Electric Solutions for friendly and responsive electrical repairs and installations. We have the parts, the experience, and the dedication to ensure your circuit is complete.

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